The Conference of the Birds | print


Fine art quality print made with archival pigment inks on heavyweight velvet cotton rag paper. Comes with a sticker of this painting! Share the love.

2 options:
Borderless, full bleed print size: 11” W x 14” H
White bordered 11"x14" print with .5" bleed; paper is 12" x 15"



Originally painted with acrylic paint on a 16" x 20" canvas in 2018. ‘The Conference of the Birds’ is a mystical poem by Farid ud-Din Attar, a 12th century Persian chemist and poet, about a flock of birds who painstakingly travel the whole world to find god - only to joyously discover the god within.

The painting these prints are derived from is an ode to symbolic morphing rainbow birds I have seen in meditations. These mystical birds are transdimensional messengers who carry and deliver important information from life beyond space-time to life within the space-time experience. They are not one color each, but rather a holographic morphing blend of all of the colors. It is difficult if not impossible to see or receive these beautiful winged messengers if ones heart is closed - hence the green bird (heart chakra) observing the observer.