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Nehira Jupiter is a classically trained artist
using paint, photography and the written word
to explore and make visible the invisible
strings of intelligence that weave life together.

She has had mystical experiences and
unusual encounters with death since childhood.
At 15 years old, a near death experience
 crystallized her knowing that there is far more
to life, to consciousness, than what we experience
with our ordinary physical senses.

"It's all relative, time is unreal. We're just babies, man" - Digable Planets

What if Art is a doorway to greater receptivity to life itself? What if different Artists create different Doorways to step through and engage the observer with new ways of being?

Art has the power to illuminate the way inward, transcend the throttle of time and act as a bridge for universal language to penetrate the mind and inspire revelation in the viewer.

A scoresheet is to music what art is to the soul; I see myself as a semi-conductor to the mystical and magical. The visual feedback or artifacts that result from my meditative creative process act as a recording of my conversation with the driving force of the cosmos, God, Infinity, or whatever one wishes to call the source of energy within each of us which compels us to thrive. 

Intentional artistry is part of my mission and wish to leave this world a better, more connected place than I found it with the far-reaching help of the artifacts I leave behind.

I have an extensive history capturing people, places, things, and ideas for private and commercial photography clients. Now I shoot for the joy of capturing photons (and technical art photography) using the Nikon Z5 with a minimalist lens kit. I long for more Sigma ART glass...

Any special effects are created in camera using optical quality prisms only. Multiple exposures are produced in Photoshop with minimal editing but every once in a while I get lucky with an in-camera special effect. 

selfie #2