2024 - Nevada County, CA | TBA

2023 - Austin, Texas | exhibited in themed group show "Ether" @ 2324 Studios

2022 - Austin, Texas | painted a mural in support of women in Iran and exhibited in group show @ Astronox

2021 - Austin, Texas | exhibited in group show @ Astronox

2021 - San Marcos, Texas | Cheatham Street Bridge mural collaboration with Topher Sipes commissioned by the City of San Marcos Mural Arts Commission. Our dual 133ft long by 28in tall murals are nonverbal litter-prevention themes designed to safely draw pedestrian and vehicle operators attention to keeping human waste out of the beautiful spring-fed San Marcos River that flows under the bridge

2020 San Marcos, Texas | exhibited fine art photography for the group show "2020 Visions" @ Walkers Gallery

2018 Ashland, Oregon | exhibited a painting for the group show "Reconnection in the In-Betweens" @ Portal Gallery

2018 Nevada City, California | solo fine art photography show @ Ridge Cafe

2017 Austin, Texas | exhibited original paintings and fine art photography in the gallery at Art Outside

2015 Dallas, Texas | exhibited paintings for the group show, "PRISM" @ Kettle Art Gallery

2015 West Hollywood, California | exhibited fine art photography for the group show, "Why is it so hard to get up?" @ NRG Recording Studios via Dallas, TX based W.A.A.S. Gallery

2014 Dallas, Texas | painted original work on site for group show, auction and fundraiser ArtCon 10

2011 Dallas, Texas | painted original work on site for group show, auction and fundraiser ArtCon 7



2021-2023 - Dallas, Texas: how to rennovate a house down to the stud, get 0% loans with money you don't have and not kill yourself or family members in the process of laboring your vision into reality from a 1980s shithole into an eloquently thought out modern space and then totally crush the housing market against all odds

2019 - Rye, Colorado: 4-day acrylic paint based mischtechnik painting with light workshop intensive with Amanda Sage

2017 - San Antonio, Texas: 3-day figurative and portrait oil painting workshop intensive with Anthony A. González 

2017 - Vienna, Austria: full time student of old masters painting techniques January-May 2017 at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art

2016 - Loveland, Colorado: 3-day old masters oil painting techniques workshop intensive with Aloria Weaver and David Heskin

2014-2016 - Dallas Texas - Brookhaven Community College for art and Richland CC for photography - 2D design; art history I; bookmaking workshop intensive; drawing I, II; figure drawing I; figure drawing II workshop intensive; oil painting I, II, III; figure oil painting workshop intensive; digital photography I, II


2018 - painted a Vapor Brothers classic vaporizer displayed and sold at Hive Gallery in Los Angels, California 

2018 - commissioned to create what became top selling blotter art for Shakedown Gallery in San Francisco, California