Seraphibonacci | stretched canvas prints

$250.00 - $450.00

Choose your size for an archival, fine art quality stretched canvas reproduction of 'Seraphibonacci'. Includes a satin varnish with wall mount hardware installed so your new art piece arrives ready to display! Features a deep 1.5" border like the original painting.

Made to order; turn around time is up to 3 weeks.

Other items purchased with your stretched canvas print which are the same size or smaller will ship free. :)

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The story behind the painting:

“Seraphibonacci” is a portmanteau of ‘seraphim’ and ‘fibonacci’. Seraphim, the plural form of ‘seraph’, are multi-winged, androgynous angels regarded in Abrahamic religions as belonging to the highest order of the celestial hierarchy. Also known as the "burning ones", the seraphim are God’s agents of purifying change thanks to their endless, burning love for God's creation.

In this painting I blended the iconic six-winged seraph with a punk rock Divine Mother-esque spirit of loving kindness beholding the sacred heart which I portray as a modified flower of life. With the flower of life, a series of geometrically perfect interlocking circles weaves the web of infinite love and light which unfold in divine, sacred proportion to the rhythm of fibonacci, the golden ratio, the rainbow thread that weaves the patterns of the universe and the pulsing heartbeat of All That Is.

This painting was made for a friend who has embodied the highest aspects of unconditional love, kindness, fiercely independent authenticity and purity of consciousness.