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Beetlejuice, betelgeuse, beetle juice!

Original 12" x 16" acrylic painting of one of my favorite movies, Beetlejuice.

Features a 1.5" gallery wrap border hand painted with black and white stripes all the way around in honor of the great trickster Betelgeuse.

Tim Burton's "Beetle Juice" was one of the flicks from my youth which compelled me to stay curiously open minded and open hearted to the nature of reality, to draw my own experience-based conclusions rather than unconsciously subscribe to the many unique and mostly limiting dogmas and narratives of my peers and elders.

I felt compelled to make this fan art going into Halloween 2020 following the unexpected passing of my childhood best friend's father. He was like a dad to me. This painting in honor of all those who have come and gone before us. May we remain connected in delightfully mysterious ways.

Signed on the back.

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